The Pet Hospitals—Collierville Supports Local Animal Rescue

Adopt a Pet from a shelter or rescue organization and The Pet Hospitals—Collierville Will Donate the Initial Exam and Vaccines

The staff at The Pet Hospitals—Collierville strongly believes that every dog and cat deserves a good, loving home. To help more orphaned animals find homes and to reduce the number of pets euthanized in our communities, The Pet Hospitals—Collierville is proud to support these local rescue groups and shelters and the pet parents who choose to adopt. We provide free pet health care services at our animal clinics to get your new pet off on the right paw.

When you adopt a puppy, kitten, adult dog, or adult cat from a rescue group or shelter, The Pet Hospitals—Collierville will provide:

Any necessary booster vaccines for adult pets at the time of it's initial exam (within 30 days of adoption) OR a complete vaccine series for puppies or kittens at no charge. There is no charge for the initial exam or subsequent office visits for vaccines with puppies and kittens. Along with a free initial physical examination and vaccinations to help ensure your pet's health, nutritional and behavioral counseling is also included.

Rescue a Golden Retriever or Border Collie

The Pet Hospitals—Collierville is also a proud supporter of the Memphis Area Golden Retriever Rescue Organization and West Tennessee Border Collie Rescue. We donate veterinary services to these organizations to ensure each animal’s health and help get the pets ready for their new adoptive homes.